Surfing the Subconscious

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‘Hypnotherapy’ is the use of hypnosis in the treatment of certain ailments or conditions.

Hypnotherapy deals with the Mind and can alleviate or improve phycological and health conditions.

When someone is hypnotised, they are not asleep, they are simply in an altered state of mind, they are in control at all times, their subconscious mind is working behind the scenes. Think of the mind as rather like a computer working on things in the background, while all you can see is the screen in front of you. When a person has driven a car for many years, they do not have to think about every part of the process of driving, the subconscious mind has taken over.

There are times when we do not understand why we react to things in a certain ways, your subconscious mind may be just trying to protect you. With Hypnotism we can reach the subconscious, find out what may be causing the problem and help change the perspective in a number of ways.