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Client Testimonial, Driving Test 

Hi Julie Just to let you know I passed my driving test yesterday, I’m so happy. Thank you so much for helping me achieve what I thought was unachievable. Kind regards Ms Whitford

Client Testimonial, Sleep at last 

Through hypnotherapy Julie has changed my 10 year olds life, up until now he’s been unable to sleep on his own or through the night. He now goes to bed with no fuss and sleeps all night, something we thought would never happen. Ben had suffered from terrible anxiety unable to leave the room, play [more…]

Client Testimonial, Swim with the Fish 

…Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to contact you, our holiday was amazing! Being able to snorkel just made it for both of us, I was surrounded by fish with no panicking, Ryan couldn’t believe it. I jumped in from the boat saw sharks, a turtle & we even got the chance to swim with [more…]