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Client Testimonial, No longer a Sceptic 

(transcribed from a handwritten letter) Being the ultimate sceptic, I was persuaded to give Julie a try. After 48 years of wrestling with the effects of a bad childhood I was completely amazed at the transformation that has occurred in me. Julies sympathetic, compassionate and professional approach puts you at ease and miraculously melts away [more…]

Client Testimonial, Positive Thoughts 

(transcribed from a handwritten letter) … Julie has transformed my way of thinking and helped me put the negativity from my past behind me, so I can look towards the future with a better view. Her extensive knowledge and experience is obvious – along with great dedication and creativity to get around my problem. I [more…]

Client Testimonial 

As a child I was quite confident, eager to be the narrator in school plays or to give a speech in front of a large audience. I even attended elocution classes and performed in a musical at a West End Theatre. So how did I develop an acute fear of public speaking by adulthood? … [more…]